Solving Bratu's problem by double exponential Sinc method

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Basic Sciences, Abadan Faculty of Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, Abadabn, Iran


In this study, improved Sinc-Galerkin and Sinc-collocation methods are developed based on double exponential transformation to solve a one-dimensional Bratu-type equation. The properties of these methods are used to reduce the solution of the nonlinear problem to the solution of nonlinear algebraic equations. For simplicity in solving the nonlinear system, a matrix vector form of the nonlinear system is found. The upper bound of the error for the Sinc-Galerkin is determined. Also the numerical approximations are compared with the best results reported in the literature. The results confirm that both the Sinc-Galerkin and the Sinc-collocation methods have the same accuracy, but they are significantly more accurate than the other existing methods.