Radial polynomials as alternatives to flat radial basis functions

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mathematics, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran


Due to the high approximation power and simplicity of computation of smooth radial basis functions (RBFs), in recent decades they have received much attention for function approximation. These RBFs contain a shape parameter that regulates their approximation power and stability but its optimal selection is challenging. To avoid this difficulty, this paper follows a novel and computationally efficient strategy to propose a space of radial polynomials with even degree that well approximates flat RBFs. The proposed space, $\mathcal{H}_n$, is the shifted radial polynomials of degree $2n$. By obtaining the dimension of $\mathcal{H}_n$ and introducing a basis set, it is shown that $\mathcal{H}_n$ is considerably smaller than $\mathcal{P}_{2n}$ while the distances from RBFs to both $\mathcal{H}_n$ and $\mathcal{P}_{2n}$ are nearly equal. For computation, by introducing new basis functions, two computationally efficient approaches are proposed. Finally, the presented theoretical studies are verified by the numerical results.


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