An algorithm for multi-objective fuzzy linear programming problem with interval type-2 fuzzy numbers and ambiguity in parameters

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Mathematics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran


Considering multiple criteria and objectives simultaneously in a single real-world problem and the fuzzy nature of this type of problem is of particular importance and application. As a result,  multi-objective interval type-2 fuzzy linear programming problems have received much attention. However,  there are few and a limited number of methods available for solving multi-objective interval type-2 triangular fuzzy linear programming problems with ambiguity-type imprecision (interval type-2 triangular fuzzy numbers) in almost all of the problem parameters. This research first considers a multi-objective interval type-2 fuzzy linear programming problem with ambiguity in all coefficients,  in which,  all problem coefficients are interval triangular fuzzy numbers. In addition,  using the weighted sum method and the concept of nearest interval approximation,  the problem is solved,  and an example is provided.


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